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Feb 5, 2011 6:00am EST
. we'll continue to follow the case, look for updates at >>> the obama administration is working to solve the crisis in egypt. protestors are vowing to continue their rallies. this is until mubarak ends his reign and steps down. they could start a military based government. earlier this week, obama said that the transition of power should start right way and he warned egypt's government about using violence to keep control. >> we're sending a strong message, taxes on reporters is unacceptable. >> mubarak's prime minister says that his stance won't change. >>> a freight train slams into a car in gaithersburg. you can see the damage from the chopper video. everyone got out of the car safely. >>> in cecil county, two cars collide head on. we were on top of the scene there. paramedics rushed one to the hospital by helicopter. no word on the extent of injuries. >>> fighting school violence. local schools are taking a new approach to stopping bullying. some parents may think that the plan is too intrusive. big brother will be watching. >> reporter: good morning, the question
Feb 12, 2011 6:00am EST
at the white house, the latest developments plus president obama's reaction. >> i am kelly mcphearson reporting from parkville where the local egyptian community is celebrating after hearing the news a 30 year dictate toreship in their homeland has ended. we will share their joy with you. >> murder at a grocery store the latest breezen gun violence in baltimore. >> why the mayor says the current gun laws are too weak and what she is doing about it. >> and taking a live look outside, it is a very cold morning. we have got warmer temperatures on the way. meteorologist ken williams has the detail in his first morning weather forecast. eyewitness news saturday morning starts now. >> this is wjz tv. wjz hd, and baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it is complete coverage. it is wjz, maryland's news station. >> you are looking at a live picture in cairo. egypt is free. that is what they are chanting in the square in cairo this morning as president mubarak ends his 30 year reign there. good morning, welcome to eyewitness news this saturday, i amiey barnett. we
Feb 27, 2011 8:00am EST
chanting for libya's long time leader to step down. president obama issued his strongest statement yet saying he must resign. scott goldberg reports from the united nations. >> onlookers reacted with surprise as the united nations security council unanimously imposed strong sanctions. even china agreed to place international travel bans on queue daffy, his family and members of his inner circle and refer to a war crimes tribunal. >> this is a clear warning to the libyan government that it must stop the killing. >> the vote followed a day of meetings, interrupted as members conferred with their own governments about the language and scope of the sanctions. saturday president obama made his strongest comments to date on the up rising, saying in a private phone call no germany's chancellor that he should step down and leave the country. >> in libya thousands of desperate travelers crowded the airport. two military planes also rescued more than 150 civilians from libya's desert, many oil workers. >> i wasn't scared. it's just not knowing when we could get out or not was the biggest thing.
Feb 19, 2011 6:00am EST
through a grenade into the crowd. president obama condemned the violence. it's shaping up to be another foreign policy test for the administration. >>> human rights organizations say that 80 people have died in libya. >>> democratic lawmakers in wisconsin are threatening to stay inside for weeks in a dispute over union rights. [crowd chanting] >> thousands packed the capital building in madison protesting a bill that would strip rights from state employees. the wisconsin governor wants the state workers to pay half of the cost of their pensions and a bigger share of benefits. democratic lawmakers have left the state to block the vote. >>> governor o'malley is going after federal rail money that other states are passing over. he's asking the transportation secretary to give maryland any rail money rejected by other states. o'malley says that transportation projects could boost the state's recovery. >>> in this morning's spring training report, the orioles have a new batter. he took his first swings yesterday. he said through an interpreter, he feels like he's at home and the birds are hi
Feb 26, 2011 6:00am EST
center stage in washington meeting with president obama and other state leaders as chairman of the democratic governors association. o'malley said they talked about ways to create jobs and boost the economy. >>> and spring may be right around the corner, but the flu is hitting its peak in maryland right now. doctors are getting flooded with sick patients. in this morning's health watch report, kai jackson explains for some people it is so bad they're being admitted to the hospital right away. >> reporter: emergency rooms in the baltimore area are seeing a rise in patients. doctors say it's influent. q. that's making them sick. >> increased cases of flu the past couple weeks. >> reporter: st. joseph's says out of 150 swabs, 33 tested positive for the flu. the elderly, the young and those with underlying conditions are most at risk for catching it. and the flu can be fatal. >> at st. joseph's medical center, doctors had 20 patients hospitalized on isolation, with either confirmed or suspected cases of flu. >> the weather sort of might mislead people. you had a nice 70-deg
Feb 6, 2011 8:00am EST
over the past decade. meeting politicians like president obama, state senator was keeping a secret from everyone. she has ms. multiple sclerosis, a debill dating incurable disease. that is a lot to liver with to keep that secret for that long. people asked me did you tell this person and i didn't tell anybody because no one. no one. >> who knew? >> my mom. my mother. >> i live a life where i'm a very open person and i think that once i share, it's not only so ben other people. it also freed me up too because then i don't have is to worry if somebody found out. >>reporter: in 199 5rbgs long before she was vice chair of an important senate committee, lisa got the shock of her life when letter doctor told her she had ms, a disease that feacts -- attacks the central nervous system and feacts nearly a half a million americans. for the first time, she's ready to talk about it hoping to inspire others. >> when you first heard that you had ms, were you nervous that people would perceive you differently and would treat you differentfully. >> i'm nervous about it right now. it's very fearful to
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6